Knoblauch’s Cafe-Office-Shop Combines Three Spaces into One Experience

(Author :Justin Lam)
Knoblauch’s cafe-office-shop is a beautifully designed multipurpose space that invites customers in to understand everything furniture-related.

The massive 1500-square meter area consists of three parts: the office, which is dedicated to over 200 staff members, the furniture shop featuring designs by Knoblauch designers and other well known brands and a semi-public cafe. Each part is visible to the other as the open space concept masterfully blends all three sections together.

Knoblauch’s cafe-office-shop was designed with the company’s ethos in mind as the furniture firm aims to create ‘meaningful spaces.’ This multipurpose shop invites customers in to partake in the furniture they are browsing for. They can explore the space, see the ins and outs of design and can even discuss their observations all in the same location. The innovation of this space lies in its ability to completely blur the lines between workplace, retail space and leisure spot. Customers and employees are all open in Knoblauch’s cafe-office-shop and can find inspiration in one another.

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