This Chicago McDonald’s Location is Airy and Futuristic

(Author : Michael Hemsworth)
Many QSR brands are taking bold moves to maintain and increase their popularity with consumers, which is seen here with this new Chicago McDonald’s location.

Set to replace an existing location at the corner of Ontario and Clark in the city, the restaurant will feature a steel structure that is accented with modern glass windows around the entire exterior. A floating garden will also be incorporated into the middle of the restaurant to offer a touch of natural aesthetic in the space for diners to enjoy.

The Chicago McDonald’s location has been designed by Landini Associates, and will also feature LED lighting, an energy efficient kitchen and solar panels on the rooftop to help capture some sustainable energy. The QSR location speaks to the growing need for major brands to redevelop their existing establishments to keep customers interested and make them examples of how sustainable change can be made.

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